Nabisco® Chips Ahoy!® Chocolate Chip Cookies - Single Serve

They're Irresistibly Delicious®. Made with lots of delicious, real chocolate chips, Chips Ahoy!® more than earns its name. Convenient single-serving packs.


Nabisco® Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies, King Size, 4.15 oz Pack, 8/Box

Chunky Chocolate Chip King Size—Indulge in a little decadence, with a king-sized, chocolate-studded cookie. Food Type: Cookies; Flavor: Chunky Chocolate Chip; Capacity (Weight): 4.15 oz; Packing Type: Pack.
Manufacturer Part #00 44000 05085 00

Nabisco® Chips Ahoy Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 1.4 oz Pack

Food Type: Cookies; Flavor: Chocolate Chip; Capacity (Weight): 1.4 oz; Packing Type: Pack.
Manufacturer Part #044000052220